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The Uruguay football team won the first FIFA world cup in 1930. They were also the host of the first football world cup. In total, the Uruguay football team won the first FIFA World Cup in 1930, beating Argentina 4–2 in the final. They won their fourth and last title in 1950. The two top rival countries of Uruguay are Argentina and Brazil. 1930 to 1970 is considered the golden era for the Uruguay football team. They won two world cup titles in that phase. The phase after 1950 saw Uruguay bag the fourth position twice. However, after 1970, the team saw a decline. They failed to qualify for the world cup five times, and Uruguay’s FIFA ranking touched its lowest at 76. After 2010, there was a revival. New generations of Uruguayan footballers like Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani, and Diego Fortran revived the team after two decades. In 2010, Uruguay again stood fourth in the after decades.

The road to Qatar for the Uruguay football team was bumpy. Nevertheless, they managed to qualify for the tournament. They have met all the other three teams previously. Uruguay has won against all three teams, and hopefully, they will continue their good performance in Qatar also. Uruguay will certainly aim to become the group winner. The Uruguay football team’s betting odds are good, and this is the right time to bet on the Uruguay football team. Do check for the latest betting updates regularly.

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Uruguay FIFA Ranking

As per FIFA, the official world ranking of the international men’s Uruguay soccer team is as follows.

Recent Ranking Average Ranking Highest Ranking Lowest Ranking
14 22 2 76

Uruguay Soccer Team 2022 Captain: Diego Godin

Diego Godin is the captain of the Uruguay football team. He used to play for the Spanish La Liga club Atletico Madrid where the club won eight titles during his tenure. He is Uruguay’s most-capped player. Irrespective of his lack of pace or athleticism, he is regarded as one of this generation's best and most consistent defenders. His intelligence, leadership skills, and calm composure help him to organize the team. He is also known for his aggressive attacks and aerial skills. He can jump effectively, which allows him to defend high balls, head the ball, beat out larger players, and score goals. He is known for his technique and will undoubtedly bring that out to win matches in Qatar.

2022 Uruguay Statistics

Form PLD W D L PPG Last 5
Home Form 3 3 0 0 3.00 WWW
Away From 7 4 1 2 1.86 WWDLW
Overall 10 7 1 2 2.20 WDWLW

PLD- Played | W-Won | D-Draw | L-Loss | PPG- Points Per Game

2022 FIFA Uruguay World Cup Match Schedule

Day and Date Time Match Group Venue
Thursday, 24 November, 2022 18:30 IST Republic of Korea vs Uruguay H Doha
Tuesday, 29 November, 2022 00:30 IST Portugal vs Uruguay H Lusail
Friday, 2 December, 2022 20:30 IST Ghana vs Uruguay H Al Wakrah

Uruguay World Cup Performance & Record

Played Wins Draw Losses
56 24

Uruguay FIFA Ranking Stats

RK Year Month Best Ranking Worst Ranking Best Move Worst Move
14 2022 October - - - -
13 2022 August - - - -
13 2022 June - - - -
13 2022 March - - - -
16 2022 February - - - -
17 2021 - 8 17 +1 (September) -4 (August)
8 2020 - 5 8 0 (February) -1 (November)
5 2019 - 5 8 +3 (July) -2 (June)
7 2018 - 5 22 +9 (August) -1 (November)
21 2017 - 9 21 +1 (September) -6 (April)
9 2016 - 9 12 +3 (September) -3 (July)
11 2015 - 8 20 +8 (November) -5 (August)
10 2014 - 5 10 +1 (March) -2 (November)
6 2013 - 6 19 +7 (July) -2 (June)
16 2012 - 2 16 +1 (April) -5 (December)
4 2011 - 4 18 +13 (July) -11 (June)
7 2010 - 6 21 +10 (July) -1 (September)
20 2009 - 16 28 +6 (November) -7 (September)
23 2008 - 20 30 +4 (July) -3 (November)
28 2007 - 17 30 +11 (July) -10 (November)
29 2006 - 14 29 +8 (July) -12 (November)
18 2005 - 15 25 +8 (October) -7 (August)
16 2004 - 16 32 +13 (August) -4 (June)
21 2003 - 20 31 +5 (July) -3 (June)
28 2002 - 21 28 +2 (March) -5 (December)
22 2001 - 21 40 +10 (July) -7 (June)
32 2000 - 32 47 +8 (July) -2 (November)
46 1999 - 41 74 +32 (July) -7 (June)
76 1998 - 34 76 +4 (April) -29 (December)
40 1997 - 40 54 +9 (November) -12 (May)
43 1996 - 32 56 +11 (December) -18 (August)
32 1995 - 19 36 +17 (July) -16 (September)
37 1994 - 14 38 +3 (May) -13 (September)
17 1993 - 15 22 +7 (September) -6 (August) 

Key Players for 2022 Uruguay World Cup Team

Luis Suarez: He is considered Uruguay’s talisman. Nicknamed a “gunman,” he is famous for his passing skills. He is believed to be one of the best strikers of this generation. Suarez has won two European Golden Shoes and Premier League Golden Boot. He has scored more than 500 goals in his career. Luis Suarez is Uruguay’s all-time leading goal scorer. He has already scored 7 times in the world cup. If he can score twice more in FIFA 22, he will become the top scorer from the country in the world cup.

Rodrigo Bentancur has impressed since moving to Tottenham in the January transfer window. He is one of several technically proficient midfielders that Uruguay has produced in recent years.

Diego Godin: This will be his last world cup, and he will try to perform his best. Godin is known for his aggressive attacks and aerial skills. He can jump effectively, which allows him to defend high balls, head the ball, beat out larger players, and score goals. He is known for his technique and will undoubtedly bring that out to win matches in Qatar.

Darwin Nunez: This 23-year-old player from Uruguay is the top contender for the Golden boot from the team. Darwin plays for Liverpool, and will be his maiden world cup. The golden boots betting odds for Darwin Nunez are 50/1.

Uruguay Football Team Betting Odds

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The Uruguay football team will aim to win the in Qatar. Uruguay's team has a world-class defense. They are good at attacking football and also capable in the midfield. Uruguay has a good chance of proceeding ahead in the tournament. The betting odds for the Uruguay football team to win the FIFA world cup 2022 is 45/1. The betting odds for the Uruguay football team to reach the semi-finals is 13/2. The chance of reaching the quarter-finals is 23/10. The Uruguay football team's betting odds to win Group H is 50/1.
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Uruguay Football Team Betting Markets

The Uruguay World Cup team will participate in several games throughout the tournament. If you're looking to place bets on their games, you can choose from a wide range of markets.

Player Prop Bets
One of the most common kinds of football betting is a player prop bet, which revolves around a football player's performance in a particular game. An example of this would be when you bet on Luis Suarez to provide an assist during an Uruguay match.

Goal Lines
Football betting can encompass a variety of different markets. You might make a goal line bet, which involves predicting the total number of goals scored in a game. When Uruguay plays against Portugal this FIFA22, it's likely to be very exciting, and you may predict that there will be over 3.5 goals scored in total.

Team Prop Bets
Placing prop bets on teams to win matches is incredibly popular in football betting. These bets involve an aspect of a team's performance during the match. For instance, you could bet on Uruguay to score more than three goals in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

If you're interested in betting on the 2020 FIFA Men's World Cup, keep checking back, as odds will change leading up to the event.
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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Uruguay Soccer Team

  1. Who is the best player in Uruguay?
  2. Luis Suarez is the best player on the Uruguay football team.

  3. What is the Uruguay FIFA ranking?
  4. The current Uruguay FIFA ranking is 14. This had improved from December 2021, when it was 17th after dropping from 8th position.

  5. Why does Uruguay have 4 stars on their jersey?
  6. The 4 stars refer to Uruguay’s official standing as four-time senior professional world champions recognized by FIFA.

  7. Does Uruguay have 4 world cups?
  8. Uruguay won two world cup titles in 1930 and 1950. Since 1924 marked the football world championship organized by FIFA, they have been recognized as four times world champions by FIFA.

  9. Who is the Uruguay Manager?
  10. Diego Alonso is the manager of the Uruguay football team.

  11. Who has scored Uruguay’s most goals in the world cup?
  12. Oscar Miguez scored eight goals in the world cup. Luis Suarez has scored seven goals. Scoring two goals in FIFA 2022 will make him the highest Uruguayan goal scorer in the world cup.