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Fun88 welcome's you to explore the best of Online Cricket Betting in India - on the topmost cricket betting sites you'll ever find! We constantly aim to give you the best cricket betting - and online cricket Satta Bazar experience you can find anywhere in India.

On this page, you will find relevant information about online cricket betting in general, current betting offers and promotions, cricket betting exchanges, cricket betting odds, our match predictions and cricket betting tips for upcoming cricket matches!

Fun88 in a short period has emerged as one of the top cricket betting sites in India, wherein users can enjoy the online cricket Satta Bazar on desktop or Fun88 online Cricket satta bazar App. Trusted globally, Fun88 is the safest and most secure cricket betting site which offers users like you extensive choice in gaming, betting types, best odds and much more.

From pre-match to in-play bets, local and international events, At Fun88 you can find the best in online cricket betting and with exciting live sports action across the board – fixtures, bets, bonuses and more! What’s more, with Fun88’s easy on-site navigation and interactive bet types, online sports betting has never been easier. Our team of experts helps you stay informed with the latest sports news and tips to facilitate your online betting predictions. Just follow our blog Fun88 Betting Guru to be on top of the betting news, tips and tricks.

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Online Cricket Betting in India

Want to get started with online cricket betting in India? Learn how to begin with the following steps.

  1. Find the most suitable and reliable online cricket betting sites in India.
  2. Register to open an account.
  3. Deposit funds via Net Banking, UPI, GPay, Debit/Credit, Bank Transfer, etc.
  4. Find the markets and the best odds before you place a wager.
  5. That's it! You're now ready to place your bet.

Need more info? Learn more about the rules of online betting in India!

Latest Cricket Betting Promotions

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Fun88 Cricket Betting - Exciting Bonuses and Promotions


Betting Offers For Online Cricket Betting in India

First Time Deposit - Sports

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Cricket Satta Bazar

In the earlier days, betting on cricket was done discreetly via Sportsbook (bookie). But today, with the advent of technology and the internet, cricket betting has evolved and is present online for anyone to bet on sports at the comfort of their home or on the go! Fun88 has been instrumental in shaping the online cricket betting industry. You can place your bets on international cricketing from across the world, encompassing all formats of the game – be it T20 (IPL, CPL), T10, test cricket and other premier leagues. With in-play markets, competitive rates (odds), tips and analysis, you’re sure to experience the best of sporting events around the world.

What is Online cricket Satta Bazar?

Online Cricket Satta Bazar is a gambling platform where users can bet on cricket matches. It provides users with various betting options and allows them to place bets on cricket matches, ranging from domestic to international fixtures. The platform also offers a variety of bonuses and other incentives to encourage users to make more bets. Additionally, users can access the platform from anywhere in the world, making it convenient to check their bets and track their winnings.

Fun88 Cricket Betting Exchange

Fun88 is the most trusted cricket betting exchange that offers 10,000+ games to play, including Esports, Live Casino and Card games. Make your entry into the arena of sports gambling even more exciting with personalized bonuses and promotions!

With Fun88 Cricket Betting Exchange you can expect:

  • Get real odds and not the odds set by a Sportsbook.
  • Better trading on sporting events to ensure profits.
Instant withdrawal & deposits 24 x 7 customer service Special offers on every deposit Get a first-time deposit as a bonus

Why Join Fun88-The Best Online Betting Sites in India

Fun88 is known as one of Asia’s most trusted cricket betting sites which gives unparalleled betting experience since its inception. Get started today to enjoy the extensive choice of gaming options, best odds, exciting bonus options, best payouts & more.

Fun88 Online Cricket Satta Bazar App offers amazing sign-up bonuses and a betting exchange for punters Get the best cricket odds compared to other Sportsbook Partners for Tottenham Hotspur football club since 2012 and the jersey sponsor of Premier League club Newcastle United F.C.
Licenced and regulated by the Isle of Man and certified by Gaming Associations Official sponsors for CPL T20 tournament and sports clubs like NUFC, THFC Fun88 App has 10K different sports and more than 100 casino games

Download The Fun88 Online Cricket Satta Bazar App


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Deposit Methods For Online Cricket Betting In India

As you get geared to start online cricket betting with Fun88, the first thing to do is sign up for an account and make a deposit. The next steps are:

  • Visit the cashier at the Fun88 betting site
  • Choose the deposit amount and also claim any bonus offer you may wish to use
  • Choose your selected banking method and fill in all the details
  • Click confirm and start online cricket betting!
Credit/Debit cards are restricted as banking options at betting sites due to legislative restrictions in some regions. But in most parts of the world, credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard are used for funding your online betting account. Some of the most popular choices for payment on Fun88 like EcoPayz and Google Pay offer hassle free digital transactions. Netbanking is a secure way to do banking from the comfort of your home or office, anytime, anywhere. Bank transfer (or wire transfer) allows users to transfer money to a Fun88 account around the world. A unique reference number is shared with the details of the bank account to make a payment. Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is also a popular payment mode at Fun88. Just enter a UPI-PIN and your payment will be completed. You can place crypto bets on sporting events, or you can use your cryptocurrency to play your favourite online casino games on Fun88.

Exciting Betting Offers For Online Cricket Satta Bazar

For new users of Fun88, we offer a welcome bonus in two different types:

    After signing up on Fun88, and making your first deposit, you'll receive a matched amount of funds to bet or play which is a top-up on your funds.

    Deposit: ₹1,000
    Bonus: 300%*1,000=₹3,000
    RO requirement: (1,000+3,000) *25=₹1,00,000
    One of the most common welcome offers for online Cricket betting sites is Free Bets. All you need to do is, make your first deposit, place your first bet, and receive a free bet in return. You can win Free Bets on Fun88!

Find The Best Betting Offers For Cricket Betting Sites in India

Scroll to enter the world of exciting betting offers on Fun88!

  1. New customer betting offers
    This kind of betting offer is also referred to as a welcome bonus. After making your deposit on Fun88, you will receive your welcome bonus offer!
  2. Deposit Bonuses
    A deposit bonus is a popular type of welcome bonus that is offered by the betting sites in India, including Fun88.
  3. Betting offers for existing players
    Fun88 offers plenty of betting offers for existing players! These betting offers are known as betting promotions.
  4. Free Bets
    Free Bets give players a good chance to place bets without risking their own money! Place wagers without incurring any risk on Fun88.
  5. Cashback
    Cashback betting offers you back some of the money you may have lost while betting. Most betting sites offer general cashback, while Fun88 offers an exciting Cashback Bonus which bettors don’t find on any other sportsbook!

The Best Of Online Cricket Betting Options To Place Wagers

Be it the best of Cricket events like Indian Premier League (IPL), Caribbean Premier League (CPL), T20 World Cup, or Women's Big Bash League (BBL), Punters always look forward to online cricket betting opportunities to place smart bets. According to Fun88 experts, here are some of the popular cricket bets:

  • Match Winner
  • Coin Toss
  • First Ball of the Match
  • First Ball Dot or Not
  • First Ball of the 2nd Innings
  • Highest Score 1st 6 Overs
  • Method of Dismissal (i.e., Caught, Bowled, LBW, Run Out, etc.)
  • Highest Opening Partnership
  • Total Wickets in the Match
  • Total Fours/Sixes
  • Total Runs

This is just a start, while you can place smart bets looking at the match predictions and odds.

Betting Odds For Successful Online Cricket Betting in India

For any successful betting, knowing the best online cricket betting odds means getting the best return on your bets. Be sure to check out our cricket betting odds, where you can find the best odds for upcoming matches. The better the odds you get to choose, the higher your returns you will enjoy! Fun88 supplies you with the most competitive cricket betting markets with various possible outcomes for a single match.

Decimal Odds/ European Odds

Decimal odds are the most common expression of odds worldwide, especially in Europe, Canada, and Australia. Thus, decimal odds are known as European odds.

Malaysian Odds

Malaysian Odds or Malay odds are expressed in decimals, either positive or negative. If the odds are “0” then it is an exact 50/50 bet and will pay out 1/1.

Hong Kong Odds

Also known as HK odds, Hong Kong odds are one of the simplest odds formats. Plus (+) and minus (-) symbols are used to denote the relationship between your stake and your profit.

Indonesian Odds

Indonesian Odds are also known as Indo odds – they are the same odds just divided by 100. The plus (+) and minus (-) signs are used to represent the favorite and underdog team or player.

The deciding factors for cricket betting odds are:

  1. History of the team and each player
  2. Performance-based on weather condition and pitch
  3. Player strengths and weaknesses

Online Cricket Betting Odds Terms To Know

Term Definition
Even money A type of even odds when the bettor loses or earns the same amount of money that is wagered upon.
Odds against When the odds are "against" an event happening. For betting purposes, “odds against” means that the amount you stand to win is greater than the amount staked.
Odds on "Odds on" means the opposite of "odds against". It implies that the event will be taking place.
Favorite The team considered as ‘favorite’ has the lowest odds and is most likely to win an event.
Each-way betting An each-way bet has two wagers: one for the selection to win and another for the placement of the selected team.
Overround A Sportsbook's way of hiding their bookie's margin in the final price to make money from it.

Online Betting in India - Live The Thrill with Fun88

Betting on cricket is a game of chance, wherein you will find gamblers who would love to place a bet on it. With technological advancements, online cricket betting in India has now reached 500 million mobile users. Top cricket betting sites like Fun88 offer responsive gaming, a seamless website interface, and online betting apps to give our users the best interaction with our products. Fun88 India specifically tailors our service to Indian gamblers offering deposits in Indian rupees (INR) and other features.

For some bettors, online cricket betting in India is the experience of thrill, whereas, for others, a live online cricket Satta means more opportunities of winning real money. Do make sure to check our live cricket betting online rates to make the most out of your live cricket betting in India.

Place your bets right away!

Find The Best Online Cricket Bet Rates

In online cricket Satta Bazar, Punters need to know some basic parameters to determine the best live Satta rates for cricket. These criteria can have an effect on the odds for a game:

  • A team’s form and performance history
  • A players history
  • Match records
  • The average score on the ground
  • Weather and pitch conditions
  • Highest opening partnership
  • Man of the match

There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to predicting the cricket match odds. However, with logical thinking, combining statistics and following expert predictions, you can compare the online cricket Satta rates that give you the best profits.

Types of Online Cricket Betting On Fun88

Speaking of bet rates and online cricket betting odds, there are three types of bets available to you on Fun88.

Pre-Match Cricket Betting

Pre-match betting odds are the odds that get set before the toss and the players take on to the pitch. When a ball is bowled, the match then goes into 'in play' wherein the odds will fluctuate based on the action that unfolds. To get the best odds, follow the pre-match cricket betting on Fun88.

Live Cricket Betting

A Punter's favorite betting market of all, 'live cricket betting' is available when the match goes ‘in play’. This means that you can place your wager as the match goes live. At Fun88 we offer a wide selection of live cricket betting odds to make money during a match!

Outright Cricket Betting

Do you feel that India could revive their supremacy in the next World Cup? Do you think Kings XI Punjab has the potential to reach the IPL finals? These sorts of questions determine if outright betting is for you. With outright cricket betting, you are betting on the outcome of a tournament on the whole, such as a Test series, ODI or T20 series.

With outright betting, you can bet before the competition has started. You can also bet on other outright cricket betting options such as top bowler or batsman in a tournament. At Fun88, we offer the most competitive outright cricket betting odds for all cricket events.

Types of Bets For Online Betting in India

  1. Spread Bet: A spread bet is a bet on the difference between the scores of two teams. It is usually expressed in points and the bettor must select a team to cover the spread.
  2. Money Line Bet: A money line bet is a bet on the outcome of a game based solely on the chances of one team winning or losing. It does not take into account any point spreads or other factors.
  3. Over/Under Bet: An over/under bet is a bet on the combined score of both teams in a sporting event. The bettor must decide if the combined score will be over or under a predetermined line set by the bookmaker.
  4. Parlay Bet: A parlay bet is a bet on the outcome of two or more games. The bettor must win all of the bets to win the parlay.
  5. Future Bet: A future bet is a bet on the outcome of an event that will take place in the future. This type of bet is usually placed on the winner of a championship or other major event.
  6. Prop Bet: A prop bet is a bet on an occurrence or non-occurrence during a game. Examples include the first team to score, the first player to score, or the total number of points scored by both teams.
  7. Teaser Bet: A teaser bet is a combination of two or more bets in which the point spread is adjusted in favour of the bettor. The bettor must win all of the bets to win the teaser.

Top Cricket Tournaments To Choose For Online Cricket Betting!

Spoilt for choice when it comes to betting on top national and international cricket tournaments? That’s why we’ve listed below the top Cricket Tournaments for you to choose for online Cricket betting. These matches are not only high on entertainment value, but also offer a wide range of betting options to Punters.

Firstly know that teams India, England, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, West Indies, New Zealand, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe play Full Test cricket match form. India, England, South Africa, and Australia also play up to four or five-match Test series, while New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, West Indies, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe don't exceed three. Associate nations like Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Oman, and United Arab Emirates (UAE) have full ODI (One Day International) and T20 statuses. When big teams clash, online cricket Satta Bazar becomes more exciting for Punters!

Here are some of the most exciting online cricket betting events for bettors to bet on:

IPL: Indian Premier League (IPL)

tournament is the most popular T20 cricket betting event for bettors in India. The below eight teams battle out with each team to win the coveted IPL trophy.

  • Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  • Delhi Capitals (DC)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)
  • Mumbai Indians (MI)
  • Kings XI Punjab (KXIP)
  • Rajasthan Royals (RR)
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)

CPL: Caribbean Premier League (CPL)

Caribbean Premier League (CPL) also enjoys equal popularity as the 2nd most popular T20 tournament in the world of online cricket betting. Six coveted teams battle out to emerge the ace team to win the CPL trophy. Fun Fact! Fun88 is the official sponsor for CPL T20 tournaments.

  • Trinbago Knight Riders
  • Guyana Amazon Warriors
  • Saint Lucia Kings
  • St Kitts and Nevis Patriots
  • Barbados Royals
  • Jamaica Tallawahs

PSL: Pakistan Super League (PSL)

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a T20 cricket league contested during February and March of every year. Six teams representing six cities in Pakistan are formed by the Pakistan Cricket Board. Enjoy betting on PSL in India only on Fun88!

  • Islamabad United
  • Multan Sultans
  • Peshawar Zalmi
  • Karachi Kings
  • Lahore Qalandars
  • Quetta Gladiators

Twenty20 Big Bash League

The Big Bash League (BBL) is Australia's local T20 cricket tournament. The league was established in 2011 by Cricket Australia. The league features eight franchises as below.

  • Sydney Sixers
  • Perth Scorchers
  • Sydney Thunder
  • Brisbane Heat
  • Adelaide Strikers
  • Hobart Hurricanes
  • Melbourne Stars
  • Melbourne Renegades.

WPL: Women Premiere League (WPL)

The Women's Indian Premier League is the female cricketer IPL version. WPL gives bettors a fair and square opportunity to earn money as they root for your favourite team and player. WPL has a total of five teams which are:

  • Delhi Capitals
  • Gujarat Giants
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • UP Warriorz

ODI: One Day Internationals

A One Day International (ODI) is a limited-overs cricket, played between two teams with international status. Each team plays a fixed number of overs, currently 50 overs are played for up to 9 hours.

T20 World Cup

The king of cricket betting, the (earlier known as ICC World Twenty20) is the international championship of Twenty20 cricket. The tournament currently consists of 16 teams, and six other teams are chosen through the T20 World Cup Qualifier. Punters enjoyed placing their wagers during the 2021 T20 World Cup tournament on Fun88 which offered the most lucrative odds, bet rates, and bonuses to registered players.

Test cricket

Test Cricket is the form of the sport of cricket with the longest match duration and is considered the game's highest standard. Rotary Test matches are played between national representative teams that have been granted Test status, as determined and conferred by the International Cricket Council.

How to Play Cricket Satta?

Cricket Satta is a popular form of gambling in India. It is similar to betting on a cricket match, but instead of betting on the match's outcome, players bet on the performance of individual players or teams. Here are the steps to playing Cricket Satta:

  1. Find a reputable website or bookmaker to place your bets with. Make sure to research the website or bookmaker and read reviews to ensure they are legitimate.
  2. Choose a match to bet on. You can bet on any cricket match, whether it is an international match or a domestic tournament.
  3. Decide on the type of bet you want to make. You can bet on the match's winner, individual player performances, or a combination of both.
  4. Calculate the odds of your bet. This will help you decide how much to bet and how much you can win.

Online Cricket Betting Tips

To have a solid cricket betting strategy before you place your wagers on online cricket betting sites in India, you need to enhance your knowledge, analytical skills and find the right value of a bet in cricket for profitable cricket betting. Thus, Fun88 brings you some of the important quick tips for bettors to be on the winning side.

  • Weather condition
    Rain is always a deterrent factor for any cricket match. Thus, looking at the weather forecast wherein the match is played will help punters to place informed bets with online cricket betting.
  • The Pitch
    We know that no two pitches are the same, with respect to grass type and soil. Some pitches favour fast bowlers, while other softer pitches slow down the speed of the ball to improve batting chances. Looking at the history of venues, the pitches are considered as "high" and "low" scoring venues. So, always factor in the pitch of the venue when you do online betting on cricket.
  • Players Form
    Some players are in good form and some may not be in good form for the said match. There can be many reasons attached to their performance: physical fitness, injuries, or past performance records. You must do adequate research on the player you wish to bet on so that your prediction does not backfire on your investment.
  • Toss prediction
    It is hard to predict the toss outcome-many Punters would agree! However, there are certain considerations that can come in handy to you if you are placing your wager on a toss. Look at pitch conditions, weather conditions, in-form players, squad changes, players records on the ground, previous toss decisions by the captain, etc to make an informed bet.
  • Cricket News
    You must keep yourself abreast with the information of the teams you want to punt on. That includes the know-how of team news, key players, team form, the squad playing and updates about their performance.

Online Cricket Betting In India: How To Choose The Right Sportsbook?

Whether you are new to cricket betting or are a pro bettor, it is essential to invest your skills and money in the right online cricket betting site. You need to make the right selections for the betting markets, odds, and reputability of a sportsbook. If this sounds intimidating to you, we're here to put you at ease. When choosing a sportsbook fo r cricket betting, make sure to follow Fun88 for the following benefits:

  • Best live cricket rates on the market.
  • Bet on our user-friendly Fun88 APK/APP.
  • 24/7 live chat customer support to solve your queries.
  • Good reputation in the online betting industry.
  • A wide selection of betting markets and lucrative betting odds.
  • Watch live streaming of cricket matches on the Fun88 website.
  • Get Free access to online cricket betting tips, tutorials, insider news and much more!

The Legality of Online Cricket Betting in India

According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867 and the Technology Act of 2000, sports betting is not permitted, but individual states have the right to make their laws. According to the Public Gambling Act (1867),all kinds of gambling in India are illegal, however, no specific law exists in the Indian system that prohibits online gambling. However, for safer online cricket betting, you must know the following:

  1. Licences: All online cricket satta and cricket betting operators are required to obtain appropriate gambling licences from the relevant jurisdiction in which they operate. This can be from the local government, state government, or national government, depending on the laws of the country.
  2. Gambling Laws: Each country has its own set of laws and regulations for gambling. It is important for operators to ensure that they are compliant with all applicable laws.
  3. Anti-Money Laundering Laws: Operators must ensure that they have adequate systems and processes in place to prevent money laundering and other forms of financial crime.
  4. Taxation Laws: Operators must ensure that they are compliant with all applicable taxation laws and regulations.
  5. Advertising Regulations: All advertising must comply with the relevant advertising regulations and codes of practice.
  6. 6. Data Protection Laws: Operators must ensure that all customer data is adequately protected and that the privacy of customers is respected.

What You Need To Know About Cricket Satta Bazar

In order to participate in Cricket Satta Bazar, one needs to have an understanding of the game of cricket and its rules and regulations. It involves a lot of research and analysis and requires a good amount of knowledge and skills in order to win. It is also important to be aware of the various cricket betting sites and the rules and regulations that they have in place. Here are some of the important factors you need to know before you put your money into the world of online Cricket betting.

  1. Cricket knowledge: Knowledge of cricket is essential for playing cricket satta. You need to be aware of the rules and regulations of the game, the players involved, the teams playing, and the various aspects of the game.
  2. Money: You must have enough money to bet on the game. This money must be kept aside and not used for any other purpose. 
  3. Bookie: A bookie is a person who takes your bets and collects the money associated with them. They also provide advice and tips on how to bet and are responsible for calculating the odds and setting the lines for the bettor.
  4. Satta Matka: This online platform lets you place your bets on cricket matches. Matka gambling sites allow you to find the best odds, compare different bookies and even track your bets.
  5. Internet connection: You need an active and stable internet connection to access the Satta Matka website. This connection should be fast enough to load the page and place your bets without any delays.
  6. Patience: Patience is key when playing cricket satta. You need to be able to wait and see how the game progresses before placing your bets. You should also be able to keep up with the latest news and updates related to the game to make more informed decisions.
  7. Luck: Luck plays a role in cricket satta, as in any form of gambling. While you may use your knowledge and experience to increase your chances of winning, luck is always a factor you cannot control.

Get Started With Online Cricket Betting on Fun88!

Watch the video tutorials on how to bet on Fun88, how to sign-up, how to deposit money, how to withdraw money, and more for hassle-free online cricket betting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How to do online cricket betting in India?
  2. Follow the steps and process of betting on cricket online:

    • Step 1 - Choose a reputable online cricket betting website like Fun88.
    • Step 2 - Sign up and create your betting account with the Sportsbook.
    • Step 3 - Choose the payment options and deposit money into your betting account.
    • Step 4 - Choose a match/series/tournament you wish to bet on.
    • Step 5 - Choose from the different betting markets like a top bowler, top batsman, Match Winner, Man of the Match etc.
    • Step 6 - Pick your bet, enter the amount of stake (money) in the bet slip generated and hit the 'Place Bet' button to confirm your bet.


  3. Where to watch live cricket matches on mobile?
  4. Different websites and mobile apps have made it easy to stream live cricket matches for on-the-go betting. Say, if you want to watch the live streaming of IPL, you can sign-up on Fun88 to watch the live streaming of each IPL match.

  5. Are my cricket betting winnings taxable?
  6. Yes, in India, winnings from gambling are treated as ‘income from other sources and are taxed at a flat 30% + 4% cess.

  7. Can I sign up with more than one online cricket betting site?
  8. Yes, you can sign-up on more than one cricket betting site. You are free to analyze and check the right betting website that offers the most competitive cricket betting odds online.

  9. How much should I spend on a cricket bet?
  10. It is advised to spend up to 2% of your funds for any bet on cricket. For example, if you deposit ₹2,000, you should bet a maximum of ₹40 per bet.

  11. How is Cricket Betting Odds calculated?
  12. Sportsbooks have the hand in deciding what odds they will offer punters. However, these odds are not just numbers, they are calculated very carefully.

  13. How long does it take to withdraw cricket betting winnings?
  14. It all depends on the payment method you choose. If you choose e-wallets like EcoPayz or GPay, then you can withdraw instantly. On the other hand, a bank transfer could take 3-5 days to reflect the money in your account.

  15. Will online cricket betting sites in India ask for ID documents?
  16. Yes, online cricket betting sites will ask for ID documents as they need to comply with laws and regulations in the country and also to stop money laundering, and other illegal activities.

  17. Can I win money betting on Cricket?
  18. Yes, you can! Your winnings from your betting will be reflected in your bank account.