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The 2022 FIFA will be the first tournament in Qatar, Middle East, which is scheduled to take place from November 20 to December 18, 2022. Eight stadiums are designated for the event in five Qatar cities: Lusall, Al Khor, Al Rayyan, Al Wakrah, and Doha. Argentina's soccer team is in Group C, along with Saudi Arabia, , and .

Argentina is one of FIFA's best soccer teams at the upcoming world cup in Qatar. The team has a favorable draw in Group C, which includes Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland. Brazil leads the charts, followed by the France soccer team. The Argentina team has won two FIFA World Cups, one in 1978 and another in 1986, and is consistently ranked as the second-best team in South America. They have reached the third-place position three times (1930, 1990, 2014) and were ranked number 1 in 2017.

With their 18th solid appearance in FIFA 2022, Argentina is all set to win their first FIFA title under the captaincy of Lionel Messi. Argentina already won the Copa America 2021, beating Brazil in the final and defeating European Champions Italy 3-0 in the Finalissima 2022. These wins show Argentina is ready to take on their next trophy, FIFA 2022.

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Argentina FIFA Ranking

The official FIFA ranking of the international men's Argentina team is as follows.

Recent Ranking Average Ranking Highest Ranking Lowest Ranking
3 6 1 24

Argentina FIFA 22 Captain: Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a soccer star with many accomplishments. He's played for clubs like Barcelona, PSG, and Argentina's national team and helped the team win Copa America 2021 and The Finalissima 2022. Messi has scored 773 goals for his clubs & country- 672 for Barcelona, 86 for Argentina, and 15 at PSG.

2022 Argentina Statistics

Form PLD W D L PPG Last 5
Home Form 6 5 1 0 2.67 WDWWW
Away From 4 3 1 0 2.50 WWDW
Overall 10 8 2 0 2.60 WWDWW

PLD- Played | W-Won | D-Draw | L-Loss | PPG- Points Per Game

2022 FIFA Argentina World Cup Schedule

Day and Date Time Match Group Venue
Tuesday, November 22, 2022 15:30 IST Argentina vs Saudi Arabia C Lusail
Sunday, November 27, 2022 00:30 IST Argentina vs Mexico C Lusail
Thursday, December 01, 2022 00:30 IST Poland vs Argentina C Doha

Argentina World Cup Performance & Record

Played Wins Draw Losses
81 43 (53.1%) 15 (18.5%) 23 (28.4%)

Argentina has won two World Cup titles, one in 1978 and the second in 1986, and is one of the most successful football teams in FIFA. They have been runners-up thrice until their most recent World Cup appearance in 2014. Argentina's soccer team is one of the favorites to win the in Qatar in Group C.

Argentina hosted FIFA in 1978 and won on their home soil the same year. Mario Kempes played for Argentina and won the golden shoe award for scoring six goals during the game. In the second round of games, Argentina tied with Brazil but advanced to the finals because of the total number of goals.
Argentina's soccer team qualified for the knockout stage as group toppers and faced the US and scored six goals past them. In the final match, Argentina defeated the 3-1 and became the fifth winning host of the World Cup, joining Italy, Uruguay, West Germany, and .

The team didn't reach the FIFA final until 1986. The team joined Italy, Bulgaria, and South Korea in Group A in the 1986 FIFA World Cup. Argentina beat South Korea by 3-1 and scored 2-0 against Bulgaria. Tied with Italy at 1-1 and drew to progress to the knockout stage, where the team defeated Uruguay 1-0.
Argentina beat England 2-1 before beating Belgium 2-0 in the 1986 FIFA World Cup semi-finals. On June 29, 1986, Argentina beat West Germany 3-2 and won the FIFA trophy for the second time.

The group phase of Argentina World Cup qualifiers 2022 will be played on November 22; Argentina will first play against Saudi Arabia on November 22, 2022, then against Mexico and Poland on November 27, 2022, and on December 01, 2022, in Qatar. Argentina's World Cup odds of winning Group C and qualifying for the last sixteen are high.

Argentina FIFA Ranking Stats

RK Year Month Best Ranking Worst Ranking Best Move Worst Move
3 2022 August - - - -
3 2022 June - - - -
4 2022 March - - - -
4 2022 February - - - -
5 2021 - 5 8 +2 (August) -1 (April)
7 2020 - 7 9 +1 (October) 0 (December)
9 2019 - 9 11 +1 (July) 0 (December)
11 2018 - 4 12 +1 (November) -6 (August)
4 2017 - 1 4 0 (January) -1 (September)
1 2016 - 1 2 +1 (April) 0 (December)
2 2015 - 1 3 +2 (July) -2 (November)
2 2014 - 2 7 +3 (July) -3 (April)
3 2013 - 2 4 +2 (September) -1 (October)
3 2012 - 3 11 +3 (March) -2 (April)
10 2011 - 4 10 +1 (March) -5 (June)
5 2010 - 5 9 +2 (April) -1 (March)
8 2009 - 6 8 +2 (October) -2 (November)
6 2008 - 1 7 +1 (November) -5 (July)
1 2007 - 1 5 +3 (July) -2 (June)
3 2006 - 3 9 +6 (July) -4 (April)
4 2005 - 2 4 +1 (July) -1 (October)
3 2004 - 3 11 +7 (August) -6 (July)
5 2003 - 4 6 +2 (September) -2 (July)
5 2002 - 2 5 +1 (July) -3 (September)
2 2001 - 2 3 +1 (November) 0 (December)
3 2000 - 3 7 +2 (August) -1 (March)
6 1999 - 6 8 +2 (July) -1 (October)
5 1998 - 5 17 +10 (March) 0 (December)
17 1997 - 10 21 +5 (June) -6 (November)
22 1996 - 7 24 +5 (October) -9 (August)
7 1995 - 5 10 +5 (July) -4 (September)
10 1994 - 6 10 +4 (May) -2 (June)
8 1993 - 5 12 +5 (August) -7 (September)

Key Players for Argentina World Cup Team

Lautaro Martinez: One of Argentina's biggest strengths in FIFA 2022 is striker Lautaro Martinez, a reliable goalscorer for his club and the national team. He led Inter Milan's Series A triumph last season and played an essential role in Nerazzuri's title charge this term. The Argentina striker has scored 16 goals for the national team and provided two assists in 38 appearances across all tournaments this season.
He is one of the most sought-after youngest centers forward in the world right now, and Lionel Scaloni (Team Manager) will be hoping that his best striker will be able to carry the momentum in .

Lionel Messi: With over 750 goals for the club and country, Messi is one of the greatest goalscorers in football history and beyond. He scored six goals in 19 matches in 2006, 2010, 2014, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In 26 appearances, he has scored seven goals and provided 11 assists across all competitions for PSG.
Messi scored an average of 0.32 goals per game in World Cup matches, but he achieved a higher goal-scoring rate of 0.53 goals per game when playing for his team country of Argentina.

Angel Correa: A technically gifted forward, Correa is a quick and agile player who loves wiggling his way through tight spaces. He has appeared 39 times, scored 12 goals, and provided six assists in all Atletico Madrid competitions. His link-up play is a treat to watch in the upcoming Argentina World Cup.

Argentina Football Team Betting Odds

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Argentina is one of the most successful World Cup teams and has won two World Cups so far and is ranked number four among the bookmaker's favorites to win the World Cup 2022. As per The Lines, the online sports betting analysis site, Argentina is highly likely to reach the knockout round at the World Cup 2022, with odds of -200 to win Group C and -950 to advance out of Group C. Lionel Messi will lead the squad to bring long-coveted glory to Argentina and the player is expected to win the Golden Boot in FIFA 2022. The team's current odds are 7/1 to win the World Cup 2022.

Lionel Messi is one of the strong candidates for winning the Golden Boot award besides Kylian Mbappe, Harry Kane, and Ronaldo. Argentina is among the top favorites to win the FIFA 2022 title, so if Lionel Messi wins both the Golden Boot and World Cup, it would be his first FIFA win.

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Most Favorable Betting Markets for Argentina Soccer Team

Argentina's World Cup team will be one of the expected teams to play well in the tournament, and they'll have support from the punters. The team will play several games throughout the match, and bettors should learn about the different kinds of markets offered during bets.

Team Prop Bets
Those interested in bets involving the teams may be interested in match outcomes, so they will bet on team props. With Argentina's strong squad in Group C, you could opt to bet on the Argentina football team during their match against Poland.

Asian Handicap
Argentina won't be a worthy betting proposition for many punters, so the team might start at very short odds. As a result, bettors might turn to the Asian Handicap betting market, which gives them a virtual disadvantage of 2.5 goals. So, if the team is playing against Saudi Arabia, they need to defeat Saudi Arabia by three or more goals for the Asian Handicap to be successful.

Total Bets
Total bets enable you to predict the total number of goals during the match. For instance, a bookie might predict that there will be a total of three goals during the Argentina-Mexico match; your job is to decide whether there will be more than three goals or less than these goals during the game.

If you're interested in betting on the 2022 , keep checking back as odds will change leading up to the FIFA event.

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FAQs related to Argentina Soccer Team

Is Argentina a favorite team for the FIFA 2022 World Cup?

Argentina's team is one of the favorites in the 2022 FIFA World Cup and has a high chance of lifting the trophy this year, with Lionel Messi leading the team.

Who has won more FIFA titles- Brazil or Argentina?

These two football teams have always been global leaders in sports. Brazil has won 5 FIFA titles in its history, while Argentina has won two FIFA so far.

What is Messi's FIFA 23 Rating?

Lionel Messi's overall rating in FIFA 22 is 91, one point more than his biggest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo.