Play Teen Patti Online Game

Teen Patti has become popular worldwide because of the Teen Patti Real Cash option. This exciting game is easy to learn and play. The name Teen Patti comes from the fact that it is played with three cards for each player.

Teen Patti Real Cash is similar to the Western game of Three Card Poker. Before we get into the game's rules, variations and other details, let’s dwell on the background and definitions.

What is Traditional Teen Patti?

It is believed that the Teen patti game originated in the Indian subcontinent. Indian Poker, 3 Patti, Flush, and Flash card are the other names of Teen Patti. 

Traditional Teen Patti is primarily a socially-rooted game, played during prime festivals like Diwali. All Indian households play any of the versions of Teen Patti as a custom. 

Gambling is no longer a taboo. Thanks to Teen patti as a game, which plays a huge role in breaking the status quo. 

What is Online Teen Patti? | Indian Market Perspective of Teen Patti Real Cash Game

If the game is played over the internet, that is termed Online Teen Patti. Users can play the game from the comfort of their homes using a mobile device or desktop after logging in to an online Teen Patti casino.

Various online Teen Patti casinos have started providing indigenous games and adapted it to a digital version. It makes the game more accessible and more popular.

  • The most favorite card game among online gamblers in India is Online Teen Patti. 
  • Online teen patti casino games are popular among both rural and urban states in India.
  • In the Mobile App ranking, online Teen Patti stands on top along with Rummy. 
  • The online teen patti casino gaming industry will grow even more prominent in the coming years.

Play Teen Patti Real Cash: How Is It Different From Other Card Games?

You have a chance to play your favorite game and win real cash, it is an edge. That’s what is precisely happening for Teen Patti Real Cash. 

Along with that, there are other factors that make it even more exciting and enticing. 

  1. Easy to understand 
  2. Rooted in Indian customs 
  3. Simpler betting process 
  4. Faster playtime 
  5. Higher returns 
  6. Most importantly, transparent gaming mode 

Teen Patti Game Rules

Teen Patti rules are simple. The core of the rules depends on understanding the Teen Patti Hands, Sequence and Rules Chart. Before we explore the 3 Patti Rules Chart, let’s go through the basic rules of the game. 

These rules apply to almost all online casinos in India. Though there are other variations of Teen Patti Real Cash, the following is the standard game process. 

Basics of Online Teen Patti Real Cash

The Teen Patti online games are typically played against other players in a virtual game room and use virtual chips as the in-game currency. Players can participate in cash games, where the real money is wagered. 

The gameplay of online Teen Patti is similar to traditional Teen Patti, with the game's goal being to have a better hand over what the other players have. 

Here is a glimpse of the Teen Patti game process. Each stage of the game is explained in simple steps. 

52 Cards 

The Teen Patti casino game is played with a regular deck of 52 cards. All regular online casinos use the standard 52 cards without the Joker. 

Initial Bets

Players must place a small or big bet before the start of the game. Only after this, the players will get the cards. 

Dealing of Cards

Each player will get three cards, and the cards will be placed face-down. Players should not reveal their cards to other players. In online casinos, there is no chance for others to see your cards. 

Blind or Seen

Players have a chance to go Blind or Seen. If a player looks at the cards, it is Seen. If the player doesn’t want to see the cards and wants to let it be a mystery, it is Blind position.

Raise or Fold 

Players can choose to raise the bet amount, or fold the cards, based on the strength of their hand. Some players choose to Fold and leave the game. The remaining players can continue to stay in the game by choosing to Raise. 

The Reveal 

Once the betting round is over, the remaining players reveal their cards. 

The Winner 

The player who has the best hand with a higher value wins the game. The hand ranking of Teen Patti essentially determines the winner. The player with the highest ranking wins. 

In another scenario, if everyone has folded and only one person remains, that player wins the game.

When playing Teen Patti online, one must pay attention to the sequence list, rules chart and hand rankings. 

Teen Patti Sequence List? | Hand Rankings & Rules Chart

In the Teen Patti game, though there are slight differences among these three terms (Teen patti sequence list, Teen patti hand rankings and Teen patti rules chart), they are used interchangeably. The common aspect is that these rules determine the winner of each round.

We have arranged the 3 patti sequence list (hand rankings & rules chart) from the strongest hand to the weakest hand. 

What is the order of Cards? | Highest Suit to the lowest

Spades is the highest of all the Suits, while Clubs is the lowest. Hearts and Diamonds hold the second and third positions, respectively. 

Trail or Trio or Three of a kind | The Highest Hand

It's a Winning Trail or Set, when a player has three cards with the same Rank. It is said to be the ideal combination for Teen patti game. You will eventually succeed as the King of Teen Patti if you get three Aces. Therefore, the key to winning the game with the highest hand is three identical cards, in terms of Rank. 

The highest trio is three Aces, and the lowest trio is three Twos. 

If someone has a Trail with three 7s (one in Spade, one in Heart & one in Diamond) and you have another Trail with three 8s (one in Spade, one in Heart & one in Diamond), you will win. Because 8 is a higher number. Though the other player has a Trail, he or she can’t win, as you have a higher number in Trail. 

The first thing you need to do, once you get your cards, is to check whether you have a Trail or not. Even when the winner is about to be selected, the dealer will check the Trail set first. If it is not there, then you have to move to Pure Sequence. 

Pure Sequence

When a player receives three cards in a game of Teen Patti and all three cards are in sequence or ascending order with the same Suit, this is referred to as a Pure Sequence. 

The highest hand in the Pure sequence is AKQ of the same Suit, and the lowest is 234 of any of the same Suit. If two people have the same sequence, then the Suit Hierarchy or Suit Order determines the winner. 

Run Sequence 

It is similar to the Pure Sequence. However, the fundamental difference between Pure and Run is the Suit. If the sequence is in the same Suit, that is Pure. If it is not in the same Suit, it is Run. 

Color or Flush

Think that you have checked Trail, Pure and Run, and there is no match. You can look for the color. 

Though there is no sequence in any manner, in case you get three cards of the same suit and nobody has Trail or Sequence, you are the highest hand. 

AKJ of the same suit is the highest hand in the Color-based 3 Patti Sequence List. If two players have AKJ in hand, then the Suit Hierarchy comes into play. 


Two cards with the same rank are known as a pair or double. Deuces (2-2) are the lowest pair, while Aces (A-A) are the highest pair. 

According to the rules of teen patti, the player with the higher value pair wins if two players have the same Ranked-pair. The value is determined by Suit order. 

High card or No Pair

This is the most common sequence in the game Teen Patti Real Cash. If there is no pair, no sequence, no Trail, then you have to look for the highest card in terms of Rank or Number. It occurs only when there are no consecutive and non identical cards.

The card with the highest value wins in these situations. The highest is the Ace, and the lowest is the 2. 

If two players get the same high card, then as usual the order of the suit will be taken into consideration.

The ranking of hands can vary depending on the specific variation of Teen Patti you are playing. Before you start playing Teen Patti Real Cash, you must familiarize yourself with the ranking of hands (ranking from high to low). 

Teen Patti Sequence List Probability

In Teen Patti, the probability of getting a particular hand is determined by the number of combinations of cards that can make up that hand, compared to the total number of possible card combinations. 

Generally, the higher the combination of cards, the higher the probability of winning.

Here are the chances of getting each sequence and winning the game. 

  1. The probability of getting a Trail or Trio (3 cards of the same rank) is 0.24%, as there are only 4 sets of each rank in the entire deck. These Ranks could be scattered anywhere in the 52 card deck. 
  2. Your chance of getting a Pure Sequence is 0.22%, as there are 13 cards of each suit and only 4 possible pure sequences of each suit.
  3. A Run Sequence (3 cards from the same suit, not necessarily in sequence) has a probability of 3.71% since there are 13 cards of each suit.
  4. A Color or Flush (3 cards of the same suit) has an 8.67% probability since there are 13 cards of each suit, and 3 cards of the same suit can be combined in many ways.
  5. In this game, the probability of getting a Pair (2 cards of the same rank) is 16.94% because there are 13 cards of each rank. A player can form many combinations of cards of the same rank.
  6. It is 74.39% likely that you'll get a High Card (3 cards without matching rank, straight, or flush) because there are many possible combinations.

The probability of getting a particular hand can be influenced by the cards that have already been dealt. It can also be affected by the betting and playing styles of the other players. 

However, these are values taken from an analysis of 20000+ Teen Patti rounds, and the actual probability may vary depending on the specific variation of Teen Patti you are playing.

3 Patti Sequence



Cumulative Probability


Pure Sequence





Set/Trio/ Trail





Pair / Double





Run Sequence





Color / Flush





High Card/ No Pair





Variations of Teen Patti | Online Teen Patti Real Cash Versions

There are many variations of the Teen Patti game available online, and each one has its own rules, pros and cons. We have listed the Top 6 Teen Patti Variations in terms of popularity and acceptance. 

Regular Teen Patti

This is the most common variant of Teen Patti and is played with standard rules, which we discussed earlier. The sequence list is applicable as it is for this version of the game. 

Joker Wild

This variation includes Joker in the game as a wild card and can be used to replace any other card in the deck to complete a winning hand.


In this, two decks of cards are used. To win the game, you must discard every card in your hand by matching it with a card from the middle pile. Whoever does it first wins the game. 

Low Ball

In this Teen Patti Game, the initial bet is split into two sections. One for the player with the lowest card and the other for the player with the highest card. 

Seven Card Stud

It is a more complicated variant of online Teen Patti. Each player receives three face-down cards and four face-up cards. The next step is to use any combination of their cards and those in the middle to form the finest five-card hand they can. 


Here, they will divide the pot into three equal halves. The player with the highest card receives the first portion, the second highest player gets the second portion, and the last player gets the third portion.

Play Live Teen Patti Game| Terms/Jargons to remember before you play

We have covered the definition, background, rules, sequence list and variations of Teen Patti. Now, it is time to go through the popular terms used on the Teen Patti table. Not all these terms are used in the standard Teen Patti game. 

  1. Ante: On online Teen Patti games, here is where players place their initial bets. 
  2. Boot: The amount of money the dealer adds to the pot before the start of each game.
  3. Burn card: It occurs when a card is dealt face down and is not used in the game.
  4. Call: To have a call, you need to match the amount of money the previous player has betted.
  5. Check: When the player does not place any bet in the game but still remains in the game.
  6. Fold: You can fold to give up your hand and exit the Teen Patti game. 
  7. Showdown: It is a point in the game when all remaining players reveal their hands to determine the winner.
  8. Pot: The sum of money wagered during a Teen Patti game.
  9. Raise: You can raise in the Teen Patti game to increase the amount of money the previous player betted.
  10. Run: Here, it doesn’t refer to the Run Sequence. It refers to a situation where a player wins many games in a row. 
  11. Side pot: A separate pot is created when one or more players cannot match the highest bet.
  12. Wild card: It is a card that can be used to represent any card of the same suit. It is available in the Joker Wild variation. 
  13. Mini Royal: When the player gets 3 card hands of Queen - King - Ace of the same suit. 
  14. Royal Flush: It is a side bet where the players must have Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suit.

What is Blind and Seen in Teen Patti Card Game?

In Teen Patti, "Blind" and "Seen" refer to the two different ways of playing the game. These are two aspects of Teen Patti. Sometimes, even the most experienced players choose both Blind and Seen, as and when required, to mix up their strategies. 


In the "Blind" mode, players don’t look at their cards. Though there is a chance, players choose to stay Blind. Players cannot show their cards to other players during the game as well. The decision to bet, raise or fold in a blind game relies on the player's intuition and ability to read his opponent. 

It adds mystery to your game process, and that’s the advantage of playing Blind. Some players may not Raise their bets, if other players play Blind. It is used mostly to stand as the last person and be the winner. 


In the "Seen" mode, also known as "chaal," players can choose to look at their cards. If you have seen your cards, you know them better. It helps you make informed, calculative and appropriate decisions. If the hand looks weak and there is no pair or sequence, you can simply choose to Fold. 

This is the most common way Teen Patti players choose. 

Which is better? | Offline Teen Patti vs Online Teen Patti

You should know that offline Teen Patti and online Teen Patti are similar in terms of gameplay and rules. Still, there are a few key differences between them. Both are exciting, enthralling and entertaining; however, people prefer either of them based on their interests and preferences. 

Location & Convenience 

Offline Teen Patti games are typically played in person, in a physical location such as a casino or a home game. You can play online Teen Patti games from anywhere with just an internet connection. 

The “anywhere anytime” factor adds convenience to many users. 

Number of Players & Game Variations

Offline games typically have a limited number of players that can participate, while online Teen Patti games have virtually no limit on the number of players that can participate. 

In offline games, a limited number of variations are available. On the other hand, many variations are available in online teen patti. You will get various options to choose from. 

Game speed & Better Payouts 

Betting on an online site can give you a better gaming experience because they are faster-paced than offline games, as there is no need to deal cards or collect chips physically. 

Additionally, the rewards are better, smoother and faster in online casinos. 

Security & Focus

You can play online games on licensed and regulated platforms, ensuring players' personal and financial information safety and security. Still, the offline real casinos may lack these security measures if you go in person. 

While you sit and play Teen Patti online, you can focus more on your strategies, rather than wasting time on irrelevant things. 

Bonus & Promotions

All online casino sites offer bonuses and promotions, which are available for the players. Level-up bonus, refill bonus, referral bonus and others are applicable only to online casinos. 

You will not find a slight chance for these in traditional physical casinos.

How to start your Online Teen Patti Game?

Playing online Teen Patti is relatively simple and can be learned quickly. Let's take a look at the basic steps to start playing online Teen Patti:

Site Selection 

Choose a reputable and licensed online Teen Patti site to play on. Make sure the site is safe and secure and offers fair gameplay.

Account Creation 

Create an account on the site and deposit if you are willing to play 3 Patti Real Cash. Usually, it takes just a few minutes to become a member of any online casino site. On some sites, all you need is to enter your mobile number to register. 

Game Choice 

Do your research on the game you want to play. Choose the right game version you want to play. You can choose from a variety of different game variations and table limits. Some versions provide free chips for every login. 

Betting Techniques

There are various betting techniques employed by experienced players. You can start with small bets and devise your own techniques and strategies. Knowing the rules and rules chart well is the foremost of all available strategies.

Transaction Options

Look for sites with INR payments. Your account balance will be updated with the amount you won after every round. You can then choose to play another round or cash out your winnings.

Offers & Bonus 

Make use of all the available bonuses and offer to increase your chance of reaping more profit. 

By following the steps mentioned above, you can start playing the online Teen Patti games confidently and enjoy the game to its fullest. 

You must play the game's demo version before playing for Teen Patti real money. Fun88 offers a reliable mobile gaming experience to players. Make use of the Teen Patti Free demo version. 

What are the different bet options available for Online Teen patti game?

In Teen Patti, there are numerous betting options available that players can choose from, depending on the specific variation of the game being played. Each option has its own set of rules and strategies. The winning probability of an online Teen Patti game depends on the betting option chosen. 

Before delving deeper into the Teenpatti Bet options, it's important to note that everyone who plays Teenpatti can wager on two bets: Main Bets & Side Bets. Wagering on two outcomes increases the number of betting options and excitement levels in each game round.

Main Bets

Following are the Main Bet options for the online Teen Patti game:

  1. Blind
  2. Ante
  3. Flush 
  4. Pair 
  5. Straight Bets
  6. Play
  7. Mini Royal
  8. Straight

Side Bets 

Take a look at the side bet options available for the online teen patti game:

  1. Four of a Kind 
  2. Full House
  3. Royal Flush 

Why is Fun88 the best betting site to play Teen Patti Real Cash?

Fun88 is the best website for online casino games in India. Since it is a site dedicated to Indian betting enthusiasts, the representations of Indian games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar are better and user-friendly. 

With the online satta app facility, you can easily download and play immediately. The app is designed to give you the best gaming experience with its smooth and intuitive interface. Moreover, the app is regularly updated with new content and features, so you can always stay updated with the latest developments.

There are many reasons why Fun88 is considered to be one of the best betting sites to play Teen Patti online. Here are the Top 7 reasons: 

  1. Reputation: Fun88 is considered one of the most reputed online betting sites with a strong track record of providing fair and reliable casino gaming experience. 
  2. Security: The site employs advanced security measures to protect its customers' personal and financial information.
  3. Game variety: You can get a wide variety of Teen Patti games, including regular Teen Patti. It ensures you play a game that suits your preferences and skill level.
  4. Bonuses and promotions: The site provides multiple bonuses, including welcome, reload, and referral bonuses. 
  5. User-friendly interface: The website and mobile app are easy to navigate and use, making it simple for players to find and join games.
  6. Secure and reliable: It offers a secure and reliable platform for real money transactions, making it the perfect choice for those looking to make money through online gambling.
  7. Fastest deposit and withdrawal: This is the differentiating factor. Unlike other sites, Fun88 provides the fastest deposit and withdrawal options. You can also deposit using UPI payments and withdraw directly to your bank account. 

Fun88 is known for providing a great user experience, excellent customer service, a variety of deposit methods and easy cash withdrawal options. With Fun88, you can be sure that you're in safe hands when it comes to playing Teen Patti with Real Cash. 

Wrapping Up

Teen Patti is easy to learn and simple to play casino card game. We have shed light on the background, rules, terms, sequence list, how to play and where to start, regarding Teen Patti Real Cash. 

Keep the rules chart handy. Understand the probability. Know your betting pattern. 

Start your Teen Patti online gaming journey now at Fun88!

Frequently asked questions about Teen Patti Real Cash

Is Online Teen Patti game legal in India?

The status is ambiguous. However, there is no mention of any ban on online teen patti. As per IT Act 2000, there is nothing written about teen patti. Section 3(2)(b) of the guidelines in 2011 clearly points out that any kind of online criminal offence will be handled strictly. But, anything related to playing Teen Patti online is not mentioned. 

How to play Teen Patti with real money?

You can play online teen patti games for real cash by logging in to the Fun88 app. You can place your bet with a credit card and start playing for real money.

What is Ante in online Teen Patti real cash game?

Ante is where all players place their bets at the beginning of a round. Only after placing their initial bets, the game begins.

Is Trail a higher hand than sequence in teen patti?

Yes. Trail is the highest hand in Teen Patti. Second is the Pure Sequence, followed by Run Sequence. Then, colour comes as fourth highest in the rules chart. The last two spots are for Pair and High Card.

Do Poker and Teen patti have similar rules?

Although the gameplay of Teen Patti and Poker is similar, they are not the same. Five cards are used in a standard Poker. However, Teen Patti, often known as Indian Poker, is played with just three cards.

What are the different hand rankings in Teen patti?

The hand rankings in Teen Patti are:

  • Trail or Trio
  • Pure Sequence
  • Sequence
  • Color or Flush
  • Pair
  • High Card