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Germany's soccer team has made 19 previous appearances in the World Cup and is all set to join the other football teams in FIFA 2022 in Qatar from November 20 onwards. Germany is one of the most successful international teams that has won four FIFA World Cup titles (2014, 1990, 1974, 1954), three European Championships (1972, 1980, and 1996), and one Confederations Cup (2017). Germany's soccer team has been runners-up in the European Championship, four times in the FIFA World Cup, and a fourth third-place finishes at the FIFA tournaments.

Germany is given a tough group alongside Spain, Japan, and Costa Rica but is still expected to qualify from their group and the odds that the German team will reach the knockout stage are pretty good. With four victories in FIFA, the team has the potential to continue the same form in the upcoming FIFA World Cup matches as well. Learn more about Germany's soccer team, which is placed in Group E with Japan, Spain, and Costa Rica.

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Germany FIFA Ranking

As per FIFA, the official world ranking of the international men’s Germany soccer team is as follows.

Recent Ranking Average Ranking Highest Ranking Lowest Ranking
11 6 1 22

Germany Soccer Team 2022 Captain: Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer has been playing for Bayern Munich since 2011; he's made over 310 appearances for Bayern and 113 appearances for Germany. He'll be hoping to have a better tournament this time, as Germany was knocked out in the group stage last year.

2022 Germany Statistics

Form PLD W D L PPG Last 5
Home Form 5 4 0 1 2.40 WLWWW
Away From 5 5 0 0 3.00 WWWWW
Overall 10 9 0 1 2.70 WWWWW

PLD- Played | W-Won | D-Draw | L-Loss | PPG- Points Per Game

2022 FIFA Germany World Cup Match Schedule

Day and Date Time Match Group Venue
Wednesday, November 23, 2022 18:30 IST Germany vs Japan E Doha
Monday, November 28, 2022 00:30 IST Spain vs Germany E Al-Khor
Friday, December 02, 2022 00:30 IST Costa Rica vs Germany E Al-Khor

Germany World Cup Performance & Record

Played Wins Draw Losses
109 67

Germany has been a part of 19 World Cup tournaments and won four of them. The team won their first FIFA title in the 1954 Switzerland tournament, beating Hungary 3-2. This is considered one of the best finals in World Cup history. The West Germany soccer team became famous in Germany and was immortalized in football history for their impressive performance. They're the only team that has stood on the podium every decade there was a tournament held-1930s, the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s.

The team won their second FIFA trophy in 1974 on their home soil against the Netherlands 2-1. Gerd Muller scored the impressive winning goal in the final and netted four more throughout the 1974 World Cup. He scored 14 goals in game-deciding matches of the World Cup. Later in the 1990 World Cup final, West Germany beat Argentina 1-0 and was the first European team to defeat the South American football team in the final match. The team experienced a recent of their international victory in 2014 in style, arguably one of the most impressive and finest FIFA wins. After defeating Portugal with a 4-0 score in their first match, Germany beat Algeria, France, and Brazil before finally beating Argentina in the final with a 1-0 score. Besides Brazil, Spain, and Argentina, Germany is among the four national soccer teams to win the FIFA World Cup title outside their continental league.

Germany was present in 19 of the 21 FIFA World Cup tournaments but didn't reach the quarterfinals in 1938 and 2018. Germany's 8th position in 17 out of 19 World Cups qualifies them as the best team in the tournament's history.

The group phase of Germany World Cup qualifiers 2022 will be played on November 23; Germany will first play against Japan on November 23, 2022, then against Spain and Costa Rica on November 28, 2022, and on December 02, 2022, in Qatar. Germany's World Cup odds of winning Group E and qualifying for the last sixteen are high.

Germany FIFA Ranking Stats

RK Year Month Best Ranking Worst Ranking Best Move Worst Move
11 2022 August - - - -
11 2022 June - - - -
12 2022 March - - - -
11 2022 February - - - -
12 2021 - 11 16 +2 (September) -4 (August)
13 2020 - 13 15 +1 (September) 0 (December)
15 2019 - 11 16 +3 (April) -4 (July)
16 2018 - 1 16 +3 (September) -14 (August)
1 2017 - 1 3 +2 (July) -1 (August)
3 2016 - 2 5 +1 (June) -1 (November)
4 2015 - 1 4 +1 (July) -2 (December)
1 2014 - 1 2 +1 (July) 0 (December)
2 2013 - 2 3 +1 (October) -1 (September)
2 2012 - 2 3 +1 (February) -1 (June)
3 2011 - 3 4 +1 (June) -1 (April)
3 2010 - 3 6 +2 (July) -1 (October)
6 2009 - 2 6 +1 (August) -2 (July)
2 2008 - 2 5 +2 (July) -1 (September)
5 2007 - 4 5 +1 (January) -1 (October))
6 2006 - 6 22 +10 (July) -3 (March)
16 2005 - 11 21 +10 (July) -4 (September)
19 2004 - 7 19 +3 (April) -4 (July)
12 2003 - 4 12 +2 (October) -3 (December)
4 2002 - 4 12 +6 (July) -2 (April)
12 2001 - 5 14 +3 (April) -7 (September)
11 2000 - 5 11 +2 (September) -3 (December)
5 1999 - 3 5 +2 (April) -2 (June)
3 1998 - 2 3 0 (February) -1 (July)
2 1997 - 2 5 +2 (September) -3 (July)
2 1996 - 2 3 +1 (April) -1 (February)
2 1995 - 2 5 +1 (April) -1 (May)
5 1994 - 1 5 +1 (June) -3 (July)
1 1993 - 1 5 +2 (December) -4 (September)

Key Players for 2022 Germany World Cup Team

Joshua Kimmich is one of the world's best defensive midfielders. He can play right-back (preferably a right-footed defender), defensive midfielder, and central midfielder, which has helped him succeed in all three positions. Although he began his career as a defender, Kimmich has been playing midfield for Bayern Munich since 2016. He's had some injury problems in the past, but his comeback after being struck down with COVID-19 has proved successful. In 30 matches since then, he scored three goals and nine assists. His 64 caps for the German soccer team have made him an exemplary player who can play various positions.

Florian Wirtz is arguably Germany's most promising young talent at the moment. Although he's only been playing soccer for a few years, he's been incredibly successful. The young pro has grabbed 19 goals and 22 assists for Bayer Leverkusen in 78 appearances. He made his German debut last September and has played four matches with two assists.

Kai Havertz has become well known while playing for Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. He joined Chelsea in 2020 for an expensive transfer fee. The German midfielder has had his share of ups and downs since he started playing at Stamford Bridge. He has scored 20 goals and recorded 14 assists in 80 appearances for the Premier League club. And while he represented his country, Havertz has scored eight goals and provided ten assists in 24 games. He has scored some crucial goals during his short time at Chelsea and helped the club win their second Champions League by beating Manchester City.

Germany Football Team Betting Odds

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The Germany soccer team that won their last FIFA World Cup title in 2014 has been given odds of winning the 2022 FIFA tournament.

Germany is expected to finish in the top two positions with Spain. The team's odds of qualifying for the quarter-finals are 8/11 (-138), the odds to reach the finals are 9/2 (+450), and the odds to reach the last four in the World Cup are 2/1 (+200). Manuel Neuer will lead the squad to bring long-coveted glory to Germany, and Kai Havertz from Germany is expected to win the Golden Boot in FIFA 2022

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German Football Team Betting Markets

The German World Cup team will participate in several games throughout the tournament. If you're looking to place bets on their games, you can choose from a wide range of markets.

Player Prop Bets
One of the most common kinds of football betting is a player prop bet, which revolves around a football player's performance in a particular game. An example of this would be when you bet on Kai Havertz to provide an assist during a Germany match.

Goal Lines
Football betting can encompass a variety of different markets. You might make a goal lines bet, which involves predicting the total number of goals scored in a game. When Germany plays against Spain this FIFA22, it's likely to be very exciting, and you may predict that there will be over 3.5 goals scored in total.

Team Prop Bets
Placing prop bets on teams to win matches is incredibly popular in football betting. These bets involve an aspect of a team's performance during the match. For instance, you could bet on Germany to score more than three goals in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

If you're interested in betting on the 2022 FIFA Men's World Cup, keep checking back, as odds will change leading up to the event.
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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Germany Soccer Team

  1. Who are the best players on the German soccer team?
  2. Joshua Kimmich, Florian Wirtz, Kai Havertz, Leroy Sané, and Timo Werner are the top five players on the German football squad.

  3. Has Germany ever missed a World Cup?
  4. West Germany has consistently qualified for the World Cup. However, they missed their chance to compete in it in 1930 when they refused to travel.

  5. What is Germany's biggest loss in FIFA history?
  6. Germany's biggest loss was against Hungary in the 1954 World Cup. Hungary beat West Germany 8-3 in the 1954 FIFA tournament in Switzerland.

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