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The 2023 Indian Premier League, known as IPL 16 or the Tata IPL 2023, is the 16th season of the Indian Premier League. IPL T20 league is the brainchild of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. In the IPL 2022, two new teams were introduced in the league, & and Gujarat Titans (GT) won the IPL 2022 title after defeating Rajasthan Royals (RR) by seven wickets. Punters participating in IPL online betting will now bet on 74 matches rather than the standard 60 matches. It is a boon to IPL bettors who want to diversify their chances of making a profitable IPL bet.

Fans of the IPL T20 league in the world can't wait to punt on some of the most popular IPL online betting markets, including the outright winner, the IPL top batsman, the IPL top bowler, etc. You can also bet on teams who make it to the playoffs and win the season.

Follow our tips for every IPL match and increase your chances of being profitable in online IPL betting in 2023.

IPL Online Betting-The Most Popular Betting Markets

Want to know the best and most popular online IPL betting markets for the Indian Premier League (IPL)? Here's what Fun88 experts predict.

Tournament Outright Winner
A Tournament Outright Winner bet is placing a wager on who will win the tournament.

Series Bets
Series bets mean wagering on the results of a series of matches instead of just betting on a single game.

Series Winner
A series winner is a team that has won the most matches. Usually, there would be three matches out of five.

Match Bets
A match bet is a simple wager in which you predict the winning team or a potential draw.

Match Winner
In a match bet, you wager on who you believe will come out victorious without considering the score or point spread.

Player Bets
Player bets are wagers placed on a particular player or the team they play for.

Man of the Match
The Man of the Match is the team player who has played the most impressive match.

Top Bowler
The Top Bowler bet predicts who will take the most wickets during the match.

Top Batsman
Betting on a top batsman is the same as betting on which player will have the highest run total for the game.

Odd/Even Runs
Odd/even runs bet means placing a wager on a team's runs if it would end in an odd or even number.

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IPL Online Betting Odds: Which team has the chance of winning IPL 2023?

There is no official data regarding the . However, according to our expert predictions based on the past IPL seasons, you can expect the odds as below:

Teams Odds on Fun88

Learn how Cricket Odds work before you plan to place your IPL bets on Fun88.

IPL Online Betting Predictions-Honest & Fair!

With more than 2.5 billion cricket fans worldwide, cricket betting is clearly a major industry. IPL tournament is the most popular T20 Cricket event globally, wherein the bet stakes are also high. Thus, Fun88 India is a go-to destination for Online IPL betting for punters.

Our IPL match predictions are analyzed and predicted by professional cricket analysts and pro bettors. On Fun88, you'll get access to Today's IPL match prediction and analysis for you to place the most profitable wager based on our IPL online betting odds.

Cricket Match Predictions
Our team of experts make detailed analyses of the two IPL teams, their squad, match history, injury report, and more that can come into consideration while deciding the match outcome.

Pre-Game Research
Our pre-match research is the foundation of our prediction. We analyze everything to know about the two teams before they walk the ground. This research is done weeks ahead of the game, and our experts check their analysis and facts from reliable sources.

Team Rankings
If a team is ranked better than its opponent, they are likely to be the favorite to win the match. For a top team to be one, it is more important to look at their win-loss ratio and the number of points they stand at.

Weather Conditions
Like any sport played in the open, cricket matches can get affected by weather conditions. We emphasize hard that the weather can directly affect the outcome of the game and, thus, your bet. Our analysts keep a solid check on the weather forecast before releasing cricket IPL online betting tips.

Pitch Condition
Our betting predictions for a cricket match also involve analyzing the type and condition of the pitch where the game is slated to play. Different kinds of pitches in cricket can affect the game differently.
For example, hard pitches can benefit spinners. Grass pitches favor swing/fast bowling. A flat pitch with no cracks and grass favors batters, resulting in high-scoring matches.

IPL Online Betting Tips For Punters

Earning money in cricket betting is possible if you bet strategically. But, how do you do that? Follow Fun88 for expert-backed strategic tips for more winning bets on online IPL betting.

Follow the team history
As a Cricket sports enthusiast, you must be aware of the performance pattern of a particular team. Thus, knowing how team A would perform against team B will give you an estimate of the team's performance in the game.

Find the top batsman
Predicting a top batter is a good strategy for betting. Thus, learning to spot the right batsman based on comparison with other batters will help you while placing a well-thought IPL match bet.

Make use of statistics
Reading stats regularly will help you set expectations and predict a range of runs a team could make. Check IPL match statistics on ESPN CricInfo to place a logical bet.

As a trusted Sportsbook, we always provide our users with the most effortless method to place IPL bets with secure payment methods for deposit and withdrawal.

Experts analyzed cricket betting odds on cricketing tournaments like IPL, BBL, CPL, World Cup etc. Fun88 also allows you to put up your own odds. We call it a ‘Sports Exchange.’ Once you sign up, you get to watch the live streaming of each and every IPL match to place your bets. We also have a user-friendly online cricket betting app.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Online IPL Betting

  1. For online IPL betting, can I use accumulators and parlays in cricket?
  2. Yes, you can use accumulators and parlays in IPL online betting or for cricket betting otherwise. It can give you a more comprehensive range for profit on your win if done right.

  3. What is the best IPL Cricket betting strategy?
  4. There is such a perfect standard strategy in cricket betting. It is essential to bet with an analytical mind.

  5. What to do in case of a draw when you bet on IPL cricket?
  6. In Online IPL betting, a draw match is called a “dead heat.” You would only get half of what you are assumed to win on your bet.

  7. Where to find today's IPL match betting rate?
  8. You can find the IPL 2023 betting rates on Fun88. With Fun88, online IPL betting has never been easier.

  9. What's an IPL Cup Rate?
  10. Online IPL betting rates are the betting odds for the other markets available for IPL matches.