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If you’ve decided to venture into online cricket betting, then good news! You’re in the right place. Online betting has revolutionized how people can bet on sports, but it is an expensive and inaccessible way for many to do so. In order to make this type of wagering more accessible and affordable, most bookmakers have started offering their services via the internet. You might be wondering what makes online betting better than traditional bookmaking. After all, aren’t they both just betting sites? The answer is yes, and there are a number of reasons why you should opt for online cricket betting over traditional bookmaking. 

The good news for punters is that there are now more betting sites than ever before. In fact, the sector is growing by the day as more and more people get comfortable with the concept of playing cricket online or through mobile apps. With this increased competition comes better odds for punters so it’s important to know how to win at online cricket betting if you want to make money. 

Top 4 Online Cricket Betting Tips You Should Know

Check out our top online cricket betting tips for punters who want to win big in cricket betting – 

#Tip 1: Understand the Nuances of a Format

The first aspect you should pay attention to is the format of a match. A test match is supposed to last for five days. Typically, after the first three days, the pitch starts deteriorating, making it very difficult for even a good team to bat. Therefore, you need to know which team will bat first and which team will bat second.

You may think that you’re betting on a capable team, but if it is chasing, it will bat on the 4th and 5th days when the pitch would have deteriorated. On the other hand, in an ODI or a T-20 match, you need to know how a pitch will play, but in most cases, pitch conditions don’t deteriorate that much because it’s only a limited-over match. But, even then, as a cricket bettor, you should be able to ascertain whether the pitch will support swing or spin bowling.

For example, in the semi-final of the ICC World Cup 2019, despite having an excellent track record average bowling, batting and fielding India lost to New Zealand because the pitch at Old Trafford supported swing bowling. The famed Indian batting line-up collapsed when the New Zealand bowlers started to swing the ball.

#Tip 2: Know the Key Players

Although cricket is a team sport, often, the presence or absence of a key player can change the overall result. Much has been written about how England won the Ashes by defeating Australia in 2005, but a lot of people forget that the key Australian bowler, Glenn McGrath, had sustained an injury right after the first test match, and if not for that, chances were very high that Australia would have won the series.

That said, focusing ONLY on a key player may not be advisable. For example, all cricket commentators had written India off when Virat Kohli came back after the first test against Australia in 2020, but India still went on to win the series. As a bettor, you must have a thorough knowledge of the entire line-up. But always keep an eye on important players, who can have a significant impact on the result.

#Tip 3: Don’t Forget to Check the Weather Forecast

Almost no other sport is as impacted by weather as cricket. If the conditions are sunny and dry, then it’s likely to be easier for batsmen to perform. But, if the conditions are overcast, fast bowlers will be able to swing the ball, making it difficult for the batters to score. That’s the reason we’d always advise you to keep an eye on the weather forecast while analyzing cricket betting odds.

#Tip 4: Analyze Past Results of Cricket Grounds

Pitch and ground conditions have a huge impact on matches. Therefore, you should analyze past results of grounds while betting on cricket. We’d recommend you use a tool called Stats Guru by, which can provide you with complete historical information of all the matches played on a ground. You’ll be able to back with numbers how Sydney Cricket Ground offers good conditions for batting, while WACA at Perth offers good conditions for fast bowling. Such insights will go a long way in helping you bet intelligently.

Wrapping Up!!

Who doesn’t love a good game of cricket? So much so that there are even apps for playing it. However, not everyone can play as a pro. With that in mind, here are some tips on how punters can win more money betting online. 

Rather than spending hours poring over streams or playing games of cricket on the field, punters spend most of their time sitting at home and betting online. Punter after punter bets on televised matches, players, teams, and tournaments. While some do well at it, others don’t. Why is this? The number one reason is that they don’t know how to beat the bookmakers and outsmart their instincts to win more money betting online.

Fun88 is an online betting site that provides cricket tips and odds for all kinds of punters to bet on. We support responsible gambling practices. And, we also have a user-friendly online cricket betting app.

However, we cannot emphasize enough that doing your own research is important. Ultimately, it’s your understanding of the game that will determine your win. Finally, be sure to bet responsibly. Perhaps our FAQs could help!


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