Euro Cup 2020 Match What happened to Christian Eriksen


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Euro Cup 2020: What Happened to Christian Eriksen
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Christian Eriksen, considered to be one of the all-time best players of Denmark, is recovering after going through a mishap on the pitch against Finland. It was just the second day of Euro Cup 2020 when the midfielder experienced a potentially life-threatening medical emergency, which has unleashed profuse expressions of concern across the football community and beyond.

Christian Eriksen’s Cardiac Arrest During The UEFA Euro Cup 2020 Match | Image source:

Thankfully, he is recovering well, but what exactly happened to Eriksen? Read on to know more.

During Denmark’s Euro 2020 opening match against Finland at Parken Stadium on June 12, 2021, Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed, after a cardiac arrest. According to media reports, the doctors are still uncertain as to how close they were to losing him. But what matters is, they got him back with defibrillation, which is way faster than expected.

Why this happened, still remains a mystery. Given that Eriksen has had minimal injuries in his entire professional career. In fact, he has treated us to some glorious performances for Ajax, Tottenham, and Inter. The game was in its 42nd minute, when Eriksen suddenly stumbled and collapsed on the ground, lying motionless. Needless to say, this prompted immediate action.

It was quite heartening to see how the Danish players of Euro football 2020 formed a shield around him, while the medical team carried out CPR and tried to resuscitate him with a defibrillator.

About an hour after this incident at Euro Cup 2020, there was official confirmation of Eriksen’s condition stabilishing. The match between Denmark and Finland came to a halt for approximately 90 minutes. Eventually, the encounter came to an end with the Finns emerging with a 1-0 victory.

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Simon Kjaer’s Help to Eriksen

Simon Kjaer Lending Support To Sabrina

Simon Kjaer indeed exemplified what presence of mind on field looks like, particularly in the case of a medical emergency.

As They Say, The Show Must Go On!

Apparently, players from both the teams requested the UEFA Euro Cup 2020 to continue the game, despite the medical emergency.

Hjulmand eventually expressed in a press conference that this decision was a very tough one, given that the incident was life-threatening and the team could have lost their best friend. He feels that though it’s mostly about money, this incident truly demonstrated what football is all about- compassion and love.

Will Eriksen Return To The Field Again?

Eriksen’s recovery selfie - UEFA Euro 2020

Eriksen’s recovery selfie for fans | image source:

Post this incident at the UEFA Euro 2020, whether Christian Eriksen will be able to play competitive football again, is a question that football enthusiasts all across the world are grappling with. Having suffered from a cardiac emergency, he was fitted with a heart-starting device known as an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD). Patients of cardiac attack suffer from rhythmic disturbances, which makes this device highly crucial.

Specialists, both nationally and internationally, have recommended the same treatment, and Christian Eriksen has accepted it.

How Other Teams Played Tribute

Fan’s supporting Erickson - UEFA Euro 2020

Fan’s supporting Erickson with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ Anthem | Image source:

It began in the form of an emotional serenade for Eriksen, which brought together both sets of fans for a rendition of terrace anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Following this, players from Denmark and Belgium led the fans inside the stadium. There was an emotional round of applause for Christian Eriksen.

The Parken stands lit up with a variety of banners and flags dedicated to Eriksen, including one that read, “The whole of Denmark is with you, Christian”. Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku, who plays alongside Eriksen at Inter Milan, dedicated his opening goal against Russia to his teammate. His shout “Chris, I love you” down the camera lens will surely go down the history of football as one of the most touching moments!

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