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Cricket bettors around the world are always on the lookout for leagues that provide them with an opportunity to bet and make money. They want T20 leagues that provide the thrill of close matches.

In that context, Pakistan Super League (PSL)’s 2021 edition provides an excellent opportunity for punters to place their bets. PSL 2021 cricket league is a great tournament for those willing to bet on cricket.

Here are the top reasons why you should be betting on PSL :

  1. Leading cricketers from the world are playing in PSL 2021.

    To be a cricket punter, you’ve got to be a cricket lover first. Before placing your bet, you’d certainly want to know whether your favourite leading players are playing in the league or not. If the players you love aren’t even playing in a league, how will you get excitement by betting on it? Some of the leading cricketers from Pakistan and other countries are playing in PSL 2021 edition, including Mohammad Hafeez, James Faulkner, Babar Azam, Mohammad Amir, Martin Guptill, Wahab Riaz, Dale Steyn, Faf du Plessis, and Andre Russell. Apart from the experienced players, younger players like Qasim Akram and Hasan Ali are exciting talents to watch out for. Such a talented bunch of players provide ample scope for you to bet on.

  2. PSL is one of the biggest T20 cricket leagues in the world.

    Despite several challenges in Pakistan, the PSL has emerged as one of the biggest professional T20 leagues in the world. Granted that it may not have the scale and the resources of the Indian Premier League (IPL), but for cricket lovers and bettors, it provides great entertainment every year. For example, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) T20’s 2021 edition will see 6 teams playing 34 matches overall, giving a lot of scope for punters to place their bets.

  3. A lot of action is yet to happen in PSL 2021.

    Of the 34 matches supposed to be played in the PSL 2021 edition, 14 were played in February and March, when the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) suspended the tournament due to COVID-19 related concerns. However, PCB later announced that the remaining 20 matches would most likely take place in The bettors will have a lot to bet on, as more than 50% matches of PSL 2021 are yet to happen.

  4. Plenty of thrilling encounters to make it interesting for bettors.

    There are plenty of thrilling matches every year in PSL that add to the excitement and drama for the bettors. Who can forget how Karachi Kings reached their maiden final in PSL 2020 by beating Multan Sultans? After 40 overs of play, scores of both the teams were tied at 141. There was a lot of drama before that as well when Karachi Kings’ skipper Imaz Wasim hit a last-minute boundary to tie the scores. For bettors, it provides ample opportunity to wager as odds change dramatically in such matches.

  5. Betting on PSL is growing in and out of India.

    One of the major reasons why people bet on PSL matches is that it provides them entertainment with discretion and privacy. We’ve noticed that people in India like to place bets in a convenient manner without sacrificing their privacy. This is what online sites like Fun88 provide to bettors, and that’s why online betting on PSL is growing in and out of India.

  6. Betting sites registered outside of India provide a viable way to start betting on PSL.

    Since Indian law doesn’t allow anyone to run a gambling business within India, we won’t advise you to gamble with betting sites registered in India. However, you can place your bets with websites like Fun88, which are based out of India. While selecting betting sites registered out of India, do check whether they are licensed with a reputed authority or not.

  7. Several options to place your bet on PSL.

    If you want to bet, you’d definitely want to get into something that gives you a lot of options. That’s where PSL 2021 excels because it provides you with so many options to wager. You can bet on the likely match-winner, top scorer, leading wicket-taker, etc. At the same time, you can also bet on who will win the coin toss. Hardly any card game can provide you with the variety and number of options that Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2021 can provide. And, for options like the winner of the coin toss, you don’t even have to know anything about cricket, as it’s a matter of pure chance.

    Options to bet on
    Options to bet on
  8. Betting on PSL 2021 matches will help you wager on other leagues as well.

    One of the benefits of betting on PSL matches is that it will help you bet on other leagues as well. You may wonder how. Many cricketers, who play in PSL 2021, play in other T20 leagues also. Following their performance in PSL matches will make it easy for you to estimate how they will perform in other leagues. Moreover, you can use the same betting site to place bets on more than one league. For example, Fun88 allows you to bet on IPL, PSL, and the Caribbean Premier League.

    Top leagues for betting
    Top leagues for betting
  9. A lot of free data is available on the internet for research.

    At Fun88, we’d always advise you to do thorough research while betting on cricket. We know that as a bettor, you’d love to take a deep dive into data and statistics to analyze the current and past performance of players and teams. Worry not because there are online cricket betting sites that provide you with tons of statistics.

  10. Competitive betting odds are available at many sites.

    Prior to the advent of online sites, the whole betting industry used to be in the control of a few bookmakers. That scenario has totally changed. These days many online sites provide fair and competitive odds for those willing to bet on PSL 2021 matches. While selecting a betting site, we’d advise you to compare betting odds across various websites. Odds tell you how much you stand to win or lose and also how much commission you’ll be paying to the bookmaker. At Fun88, we take pride in offering the most competitive betting odds for PSL matches.

  11. Betting sites offer lucky draws, promotional offers, & rewards.

    Many sites offer lucky draws, rewards, bonuses, and cashbacks to make betting on PSL 2021 an interesting proposition. The idea is to attract customers and also to offer them a good return on investment. Moreover, all the action happens online, which means that rewards are distributed in a transparent manner. When you compare odds, also factor in promotional offers and rewards of a betting site, as that would impact your final return. Check out Fun88’s superb promotional offers to know the amazing prizes and bonuses you can win by betting on our site.

    PSL promotions 2021
    PSL promotions 2021
  12. Secure options available to deposit and withdraw your money.

    All the thrill and action of betting won’t matter if you didn’t have safe options to deposit and withdraw your money.  Fun88 provides them with secure options for fund transfer like VISA, MasterCard, EcoPayz, AstroPay, and Sticpay. With such trustworthy modes, they will never have to worry about the safety of their funds.

  13. You can make deposits in Indian Rupee (INR).

    Many Indian bettors are concerned because they aren’t sure if they can make a deposit on a betting site in their own currency, INR, or not. They can relax because betting sites like Fun88 allow them to make deposits in Indian Rupees. So, just visit Fun88 and bet in your own currency without having to convert it into US Dollars or Euros.

  14. Mobile betting apps make it really convenient.

    Punters no longer have to switch on their desktops or laptops to place a bet on PSL matches. Many betting sites offer them apps that they can access from their mobile phones to place a bet. We, at Fun88, have made a lot of efforts to offer you a betting app with a user-friendly interface.

  15. Online betting sites provide live streaming of PSL 2021 matches.

    Many betting sites allow you to watch your favourite PSL 2021 matches, apart from letting you place your bets. At Fun88, you can watch PSL 2021 matches as well. It helps you focus on only one website rather than shifting from one window to another to watch the game and betting.

While PSL 2021 brings you the thrill of matches, we, at Fun88, provide you with a betting site that has fair cricket betting odds, exciting promotions & rewards, and a secure way to deposit and withdraw your cash.

PSL sports betting 2021
PSL sports betting 2021
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